GoodYarn Facilitator, Observer. 

Being involved with the GoodYarn programme (a rural mental wellbeing initiative), you get to know the signs when someone’s behaviour changes and they need a bit of help.

Doing the right thing by FMG clients when they need FMG most, fits perfectly with Alan’s own personal ethos. “I know other insurance companies don’t take the approach we do with our clients; for them profit comes first, for us, people do.”

When he’s not building relationships in the Canterbury’s region, coaching the local mobile team or organising risk assessment workshops, Alan is heavily involved in the ‘GoodYarn’ programme.

“A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to a client and I asked her how she was. She said ‘fine’, but I said, ‘No, really, how are you?’ She opened up about her stress, dealing with the earthquake, her husband was suffering depression and trying to work the farm, the community issues, it was all getting on top of her. We put her in touch with someone who could do a GoodYarn workshop in the area.”

Alan followed up with her a couple of weeks later. “She said that our chat had really helped. It wasn’t until I’d asked her that simple question, that she was able to unload all the stress she’d been carrying internally.”

“I’m proud we do things differently from other insurance providers, we’re a lot more than a claims service.”