Intel Guru, Internal Consultant

Natural disasters got Carlo thinking how he could help FMG respond proactively and quickly for clients.

Carlo is an FMG intelligence maestro. He has worked in insurance his whole career, but he loves FMG because in his words, “we genuinely do what’s best for rural New Zealand, and that’s very motivating”.

Earthquakes and floods got Carlo thinking about how FMG could best respond. He’s adapted some geo-location software in a unique way, so FMG can now reach out to clients they know will be in difficulty after an event.

“We’ve configured our software to show a map of where the epicentre of a disaster is and we can determine a radius, say 10kms, to visually show where our clients live in relation to that epicentre. Our claims team, assessors and frontline team can then click on any part of that map, identify a client, and get all their contact details so we can proactively get in touch to ask if there’s anything they need, which is exactly what we do.”

Part of Carlo’s role now is to act as an internal consultant; which means he’s talking to all areas of the business and in his words, “getting them to ask the right questions”.

He’s making it happen.