Humanitarian, Doer.

The earthquake on 14 November 2016 was the biggest single event for FMG in its history. Jono is very proud of the way FMG responded to the cataclysmic events of that day and the part he had to play.

Jono and the newly created Earthquake Response team, were tasked with making sure our clients were okay in the days following. One client with a damaged property took the time to post on the FMG Facebook page to say thank you to Jono and the FMG assessor, not only for processing their claim so quickly, but for making the effort to come and see them, it meant a lot.

“I got on the road with the assessors around Hanmer Springs and Waiau. We knew these clients had suffered significant damage and for some, their homes were in a bad way. We took FMG winter wellness packages with us; beanies, biscuits, thermos flasks, tea and coffee, delivered in a hamper basket. It gets pretty cold down there in the winter, and some of these homes had no chimney, so no working fireplace. It was the least we could do.”


“That’s the thing with FMG, it feels like a family business—we’re certainly not your typical insurance company. We do what’s right not because we have to, because we want to. We look after our people and this was a time they needed us.”