Risk Remover, Future Thinker. 

If you’re getting flowers from your clients, you’re doing something right.

Julie’s a busy lady; plenty of clients to see around North Canterbury, lots of on-farm risk assessments to do. But for her, it’s more like catching up with old friends.

Even so, it’s pretty unusual to get flowers as a thank you from clients, but that’s exactly what happened. Julie used her lateral thinking skills to help out a client who had suffered some major water damage, but who didn’t have the matching policy benefit to replace the affected carpet.

Julie wanted to save her client from expensive replacement costs, so she used her contacts to engage a flooring specialist who was able to take carpet from another part of the premises and re-lay it, saving her client significant costs. To show their gratitude the client sent her flowers.

Julie is modest about her ‘do what’s right’ attitude, but whenever she’s out on the farm, she’s always looking for ways to prevent loss and business interruption.

“I’ll drive onto some of these beautiful farm properties, over a new culvert, and think, ‘we need to get that covered’. Recently, we took a thermal imager to a rotary shed renovation; we picked up a hot spot in the electrics, which could easily have caused a fire. Our client was pretty happy we picked that up, and they got it sorted ASAP.”

“Risk assessment is a big part of the job for me, I’ll do whatever I can to ensure everything our clients work so hard for, stays intact and they don’t suffer business interruption.”

“These farms are in the family for generations, we’re helping protect our clients’ legacy for their kids.”