FMG Insurance claims - ex cyclone Debbie

FMG Insurance claims - ex cyclone Debbie

7 April 2017

To be attributed to Conrad Wilkshire, Chief Operations Officer FMG

FMG’s received around 100 claims to date and expects that number to increase significantly in the next several weeks once clients have a chance to assess their properties for damage.

Most claims to date have been for flood damage to buildings and contents. There are also claims for wind damage to farm buildings.

Before assessing their property for damage we encourage clients to make sure it’s first safe to do so.

We’ve also begun calling clients in some of the hardest hit regions to ensure they’re ok and to offer any advice to help them through this difficult time.

In addition we support advice from the Insurance Council of New Zealand which includes:

  • Avoid entering flood waters
  • Do all you can to make buildings safe and weatherproof – but only if it’s safe for you to do so
  • Check with your insurer before carrying out non-essential repairs, and;
  • Take photos of damage to support your claim.

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