FMG welcomes new claims process

FMG welcomes new claims process

13 December 2016


FMG supports new Kaikoura Earthquake claims process

A new process, making things easier for people with Kaikoura Earthquake claims, is being welcomed by specialist rural insurer FMG.

The Insurance Council of New Zealand (ICNZ) and the Earthquake Commission (EQC) today announced that most major private insurers will now act as agents for EQC in managing Kaikoura Earthquake claims.  FMG is part of this agreement.

At a high level the new process means that:

  • All Kaikoura Earthquake claims should now be lodged with private insurers, removing the need to call EQC.
  • All house and contents claims will be assessed and settled by private insurers – including under-cap claims.
  • Land claims can also be lodged directly with private insurers – noting that EQC will continue to assess and settle these – as private insurers don’t cover land.
  • Any claim already lodged with EQC will be passed over to private insurers.  Private insurers will be in touch with clients to discuss the next step with their claim.

 “We’re supportive of any measure which will make things easier for clients and we feel this new process will go a long way to achieving that,” says FMG’s Chief Executive Chris Black.

 “For the most part this new approach will remove double handling for clients as house and contents claims will now be managed by private insurers.  It will also give insurers an early and full view of all claims lodged, meaning we can be more efficient with our response.

“We have two messages for FMG clients.  One is that you can now lodge Kaikoura Earthquake claims with us directly – and two, if you’ve already lodged a claim with EQC then you don’t need to do anything as EQC will advise us of that and be in touch with you directly around next steps,” Black says.

Importantly, people who plan to lodge a house or contents claim from the Kaikoura Earthquake still need to do this by Tuesday 14 February 2017.

For more on the changes please read the joint ICNZ and EQC media release here


Colin Wright

Communications Manager

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