Top 3 Apiary Advice Tips


Beehive Theft

35% of FMG’s beehive claims involve criminal activity; 26% of which relate to burglary/theft and 9% to malicious damage/arson. Mark both the back and front of each beehive with your registration number in a size that can be viewed when they're being transported on the back of a vehicle. Avoid, where possible, positioning apiaries in locations visible to the public and easily accessed (via a gate and/or a public road).


Third Party Fire Damage

In our experience most rural fires involving apiarists are caused by smokers and grass fires. If the fire gets out of control, as well as damaging your own property, this could spread to neighbouring properties causing substantial damage to them. If you are found liable for this, you could be held responsible for the cost of all the neighbour’s associated property damage. When using a smoker you must adhere to any fire bans or permit requirements and have a knapsack sprayer full of water on hand to extinguish any fire.


Wet Weather and Flooding

In evaluating the placement of your apiary sites consider the risk of beehive losses due to wet weather or flooding.  Loss of beehives due to flooding account for 35% of beehive claims that FMG pays out on.

Apiary Guide

Check out our Apiary advice guide for more comprehensive advice.