Health and safety advice

Health and safety advice

Every work place is exposed to risks, but with the help of industry experts many risks can be well managed.

Workplace statistics from ACC show agriculture accounts for more than 30% of all workplace fatalities.  These fatalities and injuries impact families, friends and communities, adding pressure to workloads making it more difficult to recover or cope with the loss of loved ones.  

Committed to providing the best risk advice to our clients, we have put together the below information that will help protect yourself, your family and employees.  For more Health & Safety tips, click to download our Health & Safety Fact Sheet.

You can also visit the Safer Farms website to make a plan - tracking progress and completing tasks will help make your farm safer. You'll also find an array of advice guides and information to help you and your workers.

ACC also have a useful resource titled How Farmers are being injured on the farm. Click here to download.

Identifying physical hazards

  • Implement a farm safety plan that outlines your systems and processes
  • Train all employees on your health and safety practices and encourage open discussion about these
  • Identify and sign post hazards for employees and visitors
  • Ask employees to notify you of any hazards
  • Document all of the above 


Service suppliers

Below is a list of potential suppliers who may be able to assist with health and safety solutions for your business.  We recommend taking the time to contact a supplier to better understand how you can protect those who work and live on your property. Simply click on their logo to visit their website

                   Sharpe Solutions