Is your home at risk of fire this summer?

Is your home at risk of fire this summer?

18 November 2019


Did you know that even if you don’t light a fire at home this summer, others could put your home at risk?

Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) report that embers are the leading cause of home losses.

“Embers from fires are carried to homes by wind. They can travel kilometres from a large fire and land on or near a house, where they ignite flammable material. Embers will settle in areas around your home, often where leaves and other windblown material gather,” says FENZ.

It’s advised that this summer you make sure that your house is clear of flammable materials such as hessian door mats, leaf build up in roof gutters and under your house where flammable material is stored. Other areas around your home that are at risk from igniting from embers are open windows and doors, and outdoor furniture covers. 

It’s certainly looking like BBQ weather this summer with NIWA expecting all regions to have near average or above average temperatures from November 2019 to January 2020.

With that in mind, it’s a good idea to brush up on your BBQ fire safety skills. In the past five years FMG says there was $60,000 worth of claims from BBQ-related fires, including fat fires.

FENZ says that another common cause of BBQ fires is gas leaking from where the BBQ hose fits into the cylinder.

“Whenever you connect a gas cylinder to a BBQ, make sure it's hand tight. You can do this by turning the gas cylinder on, and then pouring a little soapy solution (1/4 cup of water and a squirt of liquid suds) over the valve. If any bubbles are created you may have a gas leak. Turn the valve off and replace the cylinder O-ring,” says FENZ.

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