Top 3 House Fire Advice Tips

House Fires

Electrical Wiring

Electrical faults account for 30% of the cause of FMG’s house fire claims. Older homes that may not have had their wiring or switchboards upgraded may be more at risk. Avoid over loading multi-boards and plug larger appliances that draw a lot of current such as heaters directly in the wall socket.

House Fires

Fireplace and Chimneys

Almost 20% of FMG’s house fires clams started in the fire place. Hot embers and sparks falling on rugs or curtains, causing them to catch fire which then spreads can cause devasting damage. Having a fireguard in place will help prevent this from happening.

House Fires

Kitchen Fires

Unattended cooking, fat and oil fires are responsible for 18% of FMG’s house fire claims. If your stove is on fire, place a fire blanket or wet towel over the pan to starve the fire of oxygen.

House Fires Guide

Check out our house fires advice guide for more advice on keeping you and your property safe.