Quad bike safety

Quad bike safety

Going about your daily on-farm tasks will almost certainly involve your quad bike; but because you ride it so often, you may forget to take a safe approach each time you grab the keys.

It pays to know the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ when it comes to riding quad bikes – following industry recommendations will help you to stay on track. Accidents on quad bikes are often caused by seemingly insignificant errors that each of us can make every day.

WorkSafe New Zealand lists the following critical steps to quad bike safety:

  1. Riders must be trained/experienced enough to do the job.
  2. Choose the right vehicle for the job.
  3. Always wear a helmet
  4. Don’t let kids ride adult quad bikes

All of these common errors can, and do, lead to accidents.

We know, because during the last five years we paid out over $4.6 million in claims for damage to farm bikes whilst in use. Making the trek back to your home, removing the damaged bike and borrowing a bike from a neighbour can cost you precious time... and money.

Hitting more than your pocket

It’s not just the financial cost or the inconvenience of being without your most vital farm vehicle that will affect your farming operation. The risk of death and injury is very real. According to WorkSafe New Zealand, every year 850 people are injured on farms riding quad bikes. Five people die, meaning quad bikes are involved in 28% of all work related farm deaths.

How you can avoid the same loss

Over 1,400 of FMG’s clients have suffered a loss to their farm bike since 2009. While we can’t prevent these accidents from happening FMG can conduct a free risk assessment of your property which will help you to identify the areas of your business that are more susceptible to loss.

As part of the assessment, we can make recommendations on how you can reduce the risk, such as you and/ or your workers attending one of FarmSafe’s workshops on riding a quad bike and using farm equipment.

We also aim to provide you with the latest tips published by WorkSafe New Zealand and FarmSafe, which can help you avoid the hassle and cost of a quad bike accident.

  • Maintain access ways and tracks.
  • Ride to the conditions – reduce your speed to an appropriate level.
  • Ride within the limits of your own abilities.
  • Ensure your quad bikes are regularly maintained and serviced.
  • Understand the effects of adding implements, trailers and mounted loads to your quad bike.
  • Undertake quad bike driver training.
  • Avoid steep terrain where possible – understand what the limitations are for different terrain and map no-go zones for all riders.
  • Always wear appropriate footwear, clothing and eyewear as well as a helmet.
  • Remember quad bikes are not designed to carry passengers.

Make sure you have sufficient insurance cover

Talk to FMG about the cover you’ll need for:

  • Accidental loss to your farm bike.
  • The replacement of your farm bike if it becomes a total loss within one year from the date you purchased it new in New Zealand.
  • Liability cover for accidental loss to the property of others, or bodily injury to others.
  • Accidental breakage to glass in the head lamps.
  • The reasonable costs you incur to remove your damaged farm bike to the nearest safe place.
  • Defence costs for Health and Safety in Employment Act investigations.