Top 3 Tractor Advice Tips


Tractor Fires

FMG’s claims for fire damage to tractors over the last 5 years total $11.5 million. Each spring we see a spike in tractor fire claims from starlings nesting under the hood. Starlings can build a nest in the time it takes you to have a cup of tea. Before using your tractor Stop and Pop the hood to check for birds’ nests.


Tractor Rollovers 

Rollovers are the leading cause of significant damage to tractors that FMG pays claims out on. Almost 1 in 10 claims are from tractors rolling or sliding into drains or gullies. When using a front end loader, drive with the loader low to maintain a lower centre of gravity, especially when carrying a load.


Falling Objects

Objects falling from the front end loader account for approximately one in five tractor damage claims FMG pays out on. It's common for objects like branches to fall directly on the bonnet or roll backwards off the loader and hit the cab. Quick hitch loader attachments that aren’t properly secured can also cause significant damage and potential injury when they come loose. Always check the load and attachments are properly secure.

Tractor Guide

Check out our tractor advice guide for more comprehensive advice.

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