Ag Scholarships

Ag Scholarships

How did you find out about the FMG Agriculture Scholarship?
Personal Details 
Work experience 

Please fill out your work experience details to include Year, Job title/description Company/Farm/Manager, Key Responsibilities


Please attach your certified results. See the "required documentation" section for more details.

Have you applied/received (or do you intend to apply) for any other tertiary study scholarships?*

About Me

Tell us about yourself, including what your personal interests and future agricultural aspirations are, as well as your involvement in the agriculture industry [500 words].




Tell us what your proudest achievements are including any academic, sporting, cultural, agricultural and leadership/awards recognition [500 words].



Industry Essay

Identify an issue, challenge or opportunity relevant to one of the primary industries and explain how the industry can overcome or take advantage of it. [500 words]

Please attach all the above answers in one document and label it "FirstNameLastName_answers"

Required documentation 

To accompany your application, please provide the following documents:

  • Filled out the Personal Details, Work Experience, and Education sections?
  • Attached the About Me, Achievements and Industry Essay sections, labelled "FirstNameLastName_answers"?
  • Attached a certified copy of your academic results to date, labelled "FirstNameLastName_results"?
  • Attached a certified copy of your proof your New Zealand citizenship / residency, labelled "FirstNameLastName_ID"?
  • Labelled a separate document "FirstNameLastName_reference" for any optional references you include?
  • Read the FMG Agriculture Scholarship Terms and Conditions?

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