Tangihau Station

Tangihau Station

Founded in 1949, Tangihau Angus Stud was established to breed a unique type of Angus, one that could perform under extreme weather conditions, on steep hill. A combination they’ve successfully achieved.

Tangihau Station - Angus bull
Tangihau Station - on horseback

Owned by the Bayly family Tangihau Station is situated near Gisborne and occupies 6,555 hectares of hill country covering a vast range of altitudes. With 13 permanent staff - the station is well maintained.

Under the management of Dean McHardy for the past 25 years, Tangihau runs around 6,000 cattle, 3,000 deer and 50,000 sheep all while focusing on developing a strong genetic bloodline in their Angus stud animals.

To find out more about Tangihau Angus Stud visit www.tangihauangus.co.nz.