Telford Farm

Telford Farm

Telford Farm Training Institute was originally set up by Southland and Otago farmers, with the stone house erected in 1869. This year, the Telford Farm Training Institute and Telford Division of Lincoln University turn 50, and look forward to another intake of agricultural students from across the country.

Telford Farm image with sheep
Telford Farm Stone House - erected 1869

Telford Farm Training Institute was originally set up by Southland and Otago farmers. This Easter, Telford Farm Training Institute and Telford Division of Lincoln University, turn 50. The stone house was built in 1869, and the Telford Farm Training Institute has been in operation since 1964.

Students come from across the country to train in agriculture of which last year Telford educated 120 students, 75 of those studying for a Certificate in Agriculture Level 3. Equine, Forestry and the Rural Animal Technician Diploma are also full year programmes delivered on the Telford campus, with the Apiculture programme in Kaitaia.

The Telford Farm owns a 920ha sheep/beef, dairy and deer farm along with forestry and horticulture units. For more information visit