During the year FMG reviews client feedback and market changes and, where necessary, make changes to our policies.

Below is a downloadable summary of the main changes we've made. FMG Changes to Insurance gives a high level of summary of the main changes across our policies, including definitions. The FMG 2021 Policy Change Guide highlights all detailed changes made to FMG policy wordings for 2021.

To understand which of our policy wordings apply to you, please check your Certificate of Cover, or head online to FMG Connect to view all your policy details, including the dates of your policy period. If you're unsure, give us a call.

We encourage all FMG clients to review these changes to see which ones may be relevant to you.

* This is a summary view of our policies and should not be used as a substitute for our policy wordings. For full details please download the relevant policy wordings from fmg.co.nz/what-we-cover or get a free copy by calling us on 0800 366 466.