Making claims

Making claims

Claims already lodged with EQC

If you have already lodged a claim with EQC, the claim will be transferred to FMG and we’ll be in touch about next steps. Please keep your EQC number handy.

Here is an updated Schedule of Loss that can be downloaded and sent back to us, or edited on line.

Land claims

While private insurers don’t insure land, you can now lodge your land claim with us. We will pass the claim onto EQC as they will assess and settle the land claim. FMG and EQC will coordinate their efforts on the house and land claims.

Urgent repairs

You should carry out any urgent repairs around your property to make your home safe, sanitary, secure and/or weather-tight, if this is practicable and safe. Where you can, you should keep receipts of the costs you incur and take photos of any damage, including photos of perishable items before you throw them away.

If you have an open claim with FMG from previous earthquakes, please continue to work with your allocated FMG representative. If you have further questions or are unsure what to do, please call our claims team on 0800 366 466 and they’ll be able to help. We're available Monday to Friday 7.30am - 6pm and Saturday 9am - 4pm.