Building Claims

Building Claims

How to make an insurance claim for your home, farm buildings or commercial buildings.

The building claim process

If your home, farm buildings or commercial buildings have been damaged, let us know as soon as possible. Call 0800 366 466 or get your claim started online.

Once your claim is lodged, we’ll need a damage report from a repairer to confirm the damage and how it was caused, along with photos and an estimate of what it will cost to fix.

In some cases, we may appoint an assessor when you lodge the claim or when we receive the report.  If we appoint an assessor they’ll help arrange quotes and liaise with repairers.

Please note in the second quarter of 2021 a new Natural Disaster Response Model (NDRM) will come into effect. FMG, along with other private insurers have worked with EQC on a partnership to deliver the NDRM.

This means that if you have home insurance and your home or land is damage in a natural disaster, you'll only need to lodge one claim through FMG. Further information on this change is available here.

Minimising further damage

Sometimes you might need to act straight away to stop damage to your property getting worse.  If this happens remember to take photos at the time and keep any damaged materials.

Here are some tips to help prevent further damage before help is on the way. 

Flooding - storms or burst pipes

  • Turn water off at the mains if the flooding is from pipes or the hot water cylinder.
  • Contact a local carpet cleaning company for advice about how to start drying your property out – they often deal with flooding restoration.
  • Dry things out as best as you can. 


  • Whatever you do to minimise the loss, the most important thing is to keep yourself safe.
  • Gather up and secure any loose materials like roofing iron to prevent further damage to your or your neighbour’s property.  
  • Use temporary covers such as tarpaulins to stop rain entering through the roof or windows.

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