Travel Claims

Travel Claims

How to make an insurance claim for your travel.

If you need to make a travel claim, let Cover-More know as soon as possible. Call 0800 500 225 or get your claim started online here. You can also download and complete a claims form here.

If you are calling from overseas, Cover-More’s emergency number is +64 9 308 2120. 

To help your claim run quickly and smoothly, you will need to provide supporting documentation – Cover-More will advise what these are once they understand the nature of your claim. These could include:

  • Medical certificates or reports, invoices, and receipts
  • Tickets, and copies of your itineraries
  • Information from travel providers of causes of delay
  • Original loss/theft/damage reports from police, transport provider or hotel*

(*there is a much more comprehensive and helpful list on the Cover-More website)

Original and/or official documentation will greatly assist your claim. When there is an incident, collating and providing documentation will greatly improve a claim resolution.

After you’ve made your claim

When Cover-More lodges your claim they’ll go through next steps, including any other information they need from you. Cover-More will also let you know about expected timeframes and the settlement process.