Nelson Fires

Nelson Fires

From the whole team at FMG, we wanted to let you know we’re thinking of everyone impacted by the fires across the Nelson/Tasman region and that we’re here and ready to help with any insurance queries you may have.


Below is some claims advice you may find useful once you’re in a position to safely assess damage to your property or business.

  • You can lodge your claim by calling FMG on 0800 366 466.
  • You can also start your claim process online here.
  • Take as many photos of damage as you can, as this will help with your claim.
  • If you need to throw items out, please photograph these first.
  • You can carry out emergency repairs such as making buildings safe and weatherproof. Again, please take photos of the damage first.

The quicker you can lodge your claim with us the quicker we can begin working on it for you.

We appreciate a number of people have had to leave their home as a result of the fires. If you’re in this position, please note that FMG’s Temporary Accommodation Benefit will cover reasonable costs incurred for things like accommodation, along with the removal and storage of contents.

If you have questions regarding temporary accommodation or any other damage to your property, then please call us on 0800 366 466.

Important note for machinery permits.  

Following the ban on the use of machinery in the Pigeon Valley area, if you have applied for a permit, it’s vital you follow any guidelines issued and keep up to date with any changes in regulations before carrying out work.

We recommend contacting FMG first, as this could impact some insurance covers.

Our Strategic Partners, Federated Farmers are also on hand to help with advice on protecting your property and livestock, and can be contacted on 0800 327 646.

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