Moral Obligation

Moral Obligation

It’s not every day (or night) that you expect one of your cows to be hit by a passing car. But that’s exactly what happened in front of Dave and Wendy’s Matauri Bay dairy farm. The young driver who hit the cow wasn’t insured – but Dave and Wendy chose to cover him through their own FMG insurance. To hear the full story and see how our advice made a difference, check out the video below.

Moral Obligation Benefits:

  • Accidental loss to third party property
  • That arises as a result of the farming operations
  • The damage is caused by animals escaping, being driven or dogs as long as the animals or dogs were under control at the time of the loss
  • As well as damage caused by objects or materials (except liquid or spray) being thrown up by a farm vehicle being used for farming operations
  • The standard cover is $5,000 (but as an optional benefit it can be purchased for $10,000 or $20,000) 

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