Farm Vehicles – Comprehensive

Farm Vehicles – Comprehensive

Cover for vehicles you use for your farming operations and includes implements attached to your farm vehicles. You can also add irrigators to this policy.  

If you're looking for third party, fire and theft options these are available under our FMG Essential Farm Vehicles policy.

What we cover

The FMG Superior Farm Vehicles policy automatically includes these covers and benefits. 

Covers your farm vehicle or irrigator if it’s damaged or destroyed by a sudden, unforeseen, and unintended event, or if it’s stolen. Your vehicle’s accessories or spare parts are also insured while they’re temporarily removed for repairing, cleaning or storage.

Cover for your legal liability and reasonable defence costs, up to $10,000,000, if you accidentally damage someone else’s property, or injure someone while using your farm vehicle.  This cover also applies while you’re using someone else’s farm vehicle, or if you let someone else use your vehicle.

If you buy an additional vehicle or replace your existing one it’s covered for present day value, up to $100,000, as long as you let us know the details within 30 days of the purchase and pay any extra premium if we require it.  

You’re covered for any sudden or unexpected damage to your specified vehicle’s tyres, provided the vehicle isn’t registered for road use.  

If your vehicle’s keys are damaged, lost or stolen we’ll pay to replace them and you won’t need to pay an excess. This also covers any electronic devices you use to access your vehicle.

If you have a total loss claim for your vehicle within a year of buying it new in New Zealand, we’ll replace it with a new one of the same make and model if it’s currently available.

We’ll pay reasonable costs you’ve incurred trying to recover your stolen vehicle, provided you get our consent first.  

If your farm vehicle is insured under this policy we’ll also cover your farm trailer for up to $2,500, or up to the sum insured you’ve specified.   

If your farm vehicle is damaged while you’re away, we’ll pay up to $2,000 towards travel and accommodation costs so you and your passengers can complete your trip or get back home. This also includes the cost if you need to travel and collect the vehicle. 

Optional extras

You can purchase these Optional Benefits for even more comprehensive insurance.

Cover for damage caused by an earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, hydrothermal activity or landslip.

Covers your liability and defence costs, up to $1,000,000, for costs awarded against you under the Forest and Rural Fires Act 1977.

Cover for your liability if you accidentally damage someone else’s property or injure someone, while you’re using someone else’s trailer for your farming operations.  

What we pay

Present day value is the value just before the loss and takes into account the age and condition of the vehicle. Think of it is as similar to the second hand value.All farm vehicles are covered for present day value which means we’ll pay the cost to repair it to the same condition it was in before the loss or the present day value, whichever is less, up to the amount shown on your certificate. We’ll pay up to $5,000 for each unspecified farm vehicle. The maximum payment for any one event involving unspecified farm vehicles is the amount shown on your certificate.

Nominated replacement value covers repair or replacement to an as new condition, up to the sum insured.  You can choose this option for irrigators only. We’ll pay the cost of repairs to the same condition as when it was new or the replacement cost for an equivalent irrigator, whichever is less, up to the amount shown on your certificate.

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Please note this is only a summary of the product and is subject to our specific product documentation. For full details please download the policy wordings using the links below, or you can get a free copy by calling us on 0800 366 466.


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