Tiny homes can range from caravans, mobile homes and converted shipping containers, to purpose-built structures on your property.

Our insurance recommendations will depend entirely on the type of tiny home you have, what you use it for, and any attachments or utilities connected to it. FMG’s Home and Private Vehicles policies may cover your tiny home, but in some cases FMG policies won’t be suitable for the type of cover you’re looking for. There is a lot of information to consider, but our Lifestyle team is here to help. Give us a call on 0800 366 466 to talk through your options.

What type of tiny home do you have?

If your tiny home is in a fixed place on your property, with decks or other structures preventing it from being moved, it may be considered under our Home policy. It will also need to be connected to local water and wastewater services, or self-sufficient, and meet the Earthquake Commission's (EQC) definition of a residential building.

If your tiny home can be moved, it may be able to be insured under a vehicle policy. The exception for this is for Portacoms or shipping containers that are not fixed to a permanent structure or on piles. If we’re able to cover your tiny home under a vehicle policy, you will need to take steps to ensure it's fitted with a locking device to deter burglary and theft. If you do not have these measures in place, an additional excess of $1,000 will apply.

Additional cover options

Outside of insuring your tiny home, there are a number of insurances FMG recommends to make sure you have the right level of cover.

Liability insurance
We recommend Liability insurance for all personal and commercial tiny homes, particularly if you don't own the property and need to understand the legal liability and maintenance responsibilities for things like fencing, and water and septic tanks.

Household or Farm contents insurance
When insuring any building with us, we encourage our clients to think about the contents inside and surrounding your home. For example, tools and equipment stored on site or furniture. Not insuring these items means if you need to make a claim, you may not be insured for the real cost of the loss or damage.

Contract works insurance
Many people choose to live in tiny homes while they’re renovating or building their new home. If that applies to you, we can also insure your new build under our Contract Works policy.

*This is a summary view of our policies and is subject to our specific product documentation and underwriting criteria. For full details please download the policy wordings or get a free copy by calling us on 0800 366 466.

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