Horse Primary

Horse Primary

Cover for your equestrian and sport horses between 1 to 16 years old.

Please note 2017-18 policy wording comes in force on 01 Dec 2017.

What we cover

The FMG Horse Primary policy automatically includes these covers and benefits.

You’re covered if your horse dies or needs to be euthanised because of an accidental injury or colic.  

Cover while your horse is being transported by air or sea within New Zealand and Australia. This includes while the horse is being loaded and unloaded from a plane or ship.

Cover for death during or as a result of a surgical operation by a vet required due to an accidental, external and visible injury, or colic.

You’re insured for up to $5,000 or 50% of the sum insured for reasonable veterinary costs for treating your horse for an injury or colic, for up to 12 months from the onset of the injury or illness. An excess of $500 applies and cover is only available for horses over 1 year old.

For policies with a 12 month period of insurance, cover will continue for up to ninety days after expiry provided that you advice us of the issue that leads to the loss before that expiry date.

We’ll pay up to $500 for the cost of removing and disposing of your horse in the event of its death.

Cover for the theft of your horse and for death, or humane destruction, as a result of theft. Cover also applies if your horse is taken and castrated or spayed maliciously.

Optional extras

You can purchase this Optional Benefit for even more comprehensive insurance.

Extends the standard air and sea transit cover to all countries outside of New Zealand and Australia.

What we pay

We’ll pay up to the agreed value or fair market value shown on your certificate, plus GST, for any one event.

When you insure your horse we’ll discuss an agreed value with you. This may be based on an independent written valuation, the purchase price, the performance of the horse, or any other combination of factors.

This is what a reasonable buyer would have been willing to pay for your horse before the loss and takes into account several factors including competition history and the breed of the horse. 

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Please note this is only a summary of the product and is subject to our specific product documentation. For full details please download the policy wordings using the links below, or you can get a free copy by calling us on 0800 366 466.