Contract Works

Contract Works

Insures the work being done by a contractor for accidental loss during the construction period when building an extension, new building, or renovating your home.

What we cover

The FMG Contract Works policy automatically includes these covers and benefits.

Cover for the works, including materials on the site, if they’re damaged or destroyed by a sudden, unexpected event during the construction period.  

Covers materials supplied free of charge by the property owner to the contractor, which will be used for the works. 

Cover for the demolition and removal of damaged materials. This also covers supporting undamaged works necessary to enable the contract works to be restored or replaced.

Cover for professional fees such as architects, surveyors and consulting engineer’s fees, which are needed to keep work going after a loss.

An allowance in case of increases in the contract price, and in labour and material costs.

Cover for an increase in reconstruction costs after a loss to allow the works to be completed in a reasonable time.  

What we pay

We’ll pay up to the amount shown on your certificate for each specified item, less any applicable deductibles.  The most we’ll pay is the total sum insured.  

Download policy

Please note this is only a summary of the product and is subject to our specific product documentation. For full details please download the policy wordings using the links below, or you can get a free copy by calling us on 0800 366 466.


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