Keep Us Updated

Keep Us Updated

It’s important that you let us know of any change in circumstances, to ensure you have the cover you need. If any of the below applies to you, please send us a message or call us on 0800 366 466. 

Financial changes

One-off inheritances or significant changes to your income or debt level often mean you’ll need to review the level or structure of personal insurance policies.

Changes to your home

If you’re renovating, talk to us to see if you will need a Contracts Works Policy while the work is undertaken. Let us know once your renovations have been completed and we can ensure that your policy is updated with the revised size or value of your property.

Your policy automatically covers your house if it’s vacant for up to 60 days. You need to tell us if the house is vacant for longer, or you won’t be insured for any loss connected with the house being unoccupied.

If the way your home is used changes – for example if the family home becomes a rental property or holiday home – you need to let us know as it could affect your cover or premiums.

Changes to your contents

To change the value of your contents cover or add any individual items valued at more than $5,000 you will need to tell us the total new value to be insured, and provide a description and value of any individual item. The contents calculator can help.

FMG contents insurance covers your belongings while they are in transit and for up to 90 days anywhere in New Zealand if they’ve been temporarily moved. If you are permanently relocating your contents you will need to tell us the new address for your contents, and the household situation at the new location - owner occupied, flatting or holiday home.

Changes to your vehicle

Vehicles devalue over time so by keeping us updated on significant changes to your vehicle values, we can make sure you’re paying the right premiums.

Changes to who can act on your behalf

FMG can only act on instruction from people who are authorised on your policies. You can call us on 0800 366 466 to authorise someone to act on your behalf, or we can send you an authorisation form to sign and return.

Recent surgery or health issues 

These won’t affect existing insurance policies with FMG, so there’s no need to let us know. However if you have had surgery or a health issue, it’s a good idea to get clearance from your medical practitioner before driving as we would need evidence of this if you need to make a claim.

Business changes

Changing the way you pay yourself, moving from being self-employed to a company structure, or taking a family member into your business almost always means you’ll need to review policies and cover to ensure you are appropriately insured.

Farm changes

Any changes like significant stock extensions or new equipment, buildings, farms or farm activities means it’s time to review your insurance cover.

If you have a lifestyle block you may need to let us know if you get new animals. Escaping animals can cause significant damage to other people and their property so you might need to consider liability insurance to cover any damage should the animals leave the property.