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FMG doesn’t just take care of things on the farm; we look after you at home as well. Whether you’ve already got farm or business insurance with us, or are new to FMG and looking for competitive insurance, we’ve got a range of policies to suit you.

When it comes to your home you may also have heard about changes within the industry as to how you can insure your house. FMG continues to offer a range of options including replacement cover; you can read more here

FMG Policies

Please note these policy wordings apply for clients who join FMG from 9 September 2013. If you’re already with FMG then these apply when your policies renew on or after 1 November 2013.

All other clients can view their Pak policy wordings here.  

FMG House policy.jpg

FMG Household Contents policy.jpg
Household Contents

FMG Boat policy.jpg

FMG Superior Private Vehicles policy.jpg
Superior Private Vehicles

FMG Essential Private Vehicles policy.jpg
Essential Private Vehicles

FMG Contract Works policy.jpg
Contract Works