FMG places a great deal of importance on secure privacy of its clients, employees, and third parties.

This Privacy Policy has been developed to help you understand what information FMG collects, why it collects it, how it is collected and what it is to be used for.

You are able to access the information we hold about you, including information we've relied on in evaluating a claim. To request any personal information held by FMG, please call us on 0800 366 466.

Authorised Access to Certain Names and Addresses Held on the Motor Vehicle Register

Please note that regardless whether or not you are an FMG’s client, your name and address may be obtained from the Motor Vehicle Register.

The relevant Gazette Notice under which we are authorised to access the information is here.

The circumstances in which we may obtain this information include:

  • where a motor vehicle has been involved in an incident resulting in damage or loss to FMG’s client, to contact the registered person of that motor vehicle to resolve any financial matters arising out of the incident; or
  • when assessing an application to provide an insurance policy in relation to a motor vehicle, to ensure the applicant is the registered person of that motor vehicle; or
  • when verifying entitlement to make a claim or receive a payment under an insurance policy that applies to a motor vehicle, to ensure the registered person of that vehicle is the person to which that insurance policy applies.

Any person can notify the New Zealand Transport Agency Registrar that they do not wish to have their name(s) and address(es) made available under an authorisation.