“We know that our farmers and growers are busy people, and they sometimes might not put their own health at the top of the priority list,” says Glenn Croasdale FMG’s Chief Client Officer

“With this in mind we’re offering our clients a new way to chat to a health professional when they can’t get in to see their GP – and FMG Clients get a 10% discount.”

CareHQ is a virtual GP consultation service that is open 7am-7pm, 7 days a week. You meet with a New Zealand registered expert doctor who is a Fellow of the RNZCGP.

“We’re not looking to replace the rural GP. This is just another tool for our clients to use when they need to” says Glenn.

You don’t need to enrol with CareHQ - you stay enrolled with your own GP and all notes from your consultation will be sent to them (if you consent to this).

Trusted Providers Southern Cross Health Insurance and ProCare developed CareHQ to support the primary care sector and provide a safe alternative for when your family doctor is not available. They are organisations trusted by over one million New Zealanders.

“We are always looking for innovative ways to make life easier for our clients in rural New Zealand,” says Glenn.

“Their wellbeing is of critical importance to their families and their businesses and alongside CareHQ we are helping to support that.”