The holiday season is an exciting but busy time of the year and where we see our highest number of claims for domestic burglary and theft.

We’ve paid roughly $10.5 million in household contents and private vehicle claims due to burglaries and thefts in the last three years, so we've included some simple advice to help keep you safe.

Don’t be a target Investing in security such as high-quality locks, alarm systems, and security cameras help to deter thieves. Supporting this is having clear signs around your property advertising the fact that you have security measures in place.

Heading away?

If you are heading away over the summer months, it’s a good idea to organise a trusted neighbour, friend or family member to check on the property, clear the mailbox, bring in the rubbish bins, and even occasionally park a vehicle in your drive.

Car burglary and theft

FMG has settled $3.7 million in vehicle burglary and theft claims over the past three years. To help prevent would-be thieves give some consideration to buying a steering wheel lock which provides an instant visual deterrent.

Car alarms and immobilisers are also effective in either scaring crooks off, or stopping them from driving off with what's yours.