FMG assessors have begun moving into areas affected by the recent widespread storms and floods, with safety paramount as more bad weather is forecast


FMG assessors have begun moving into areas affected by the recent widespread storms and floods, with safety paramount as more bad weather is forecast.

“Road closures are still having an impact on assessors' ability to get to some areas, and we are prioritising the worst impacted,” says FMGs Head of Claims Nicki Mackay.

“While it’s still too early to get a clear picture on the extent of damage our clients have experienced, the type of damage includes fully flooded residential, commercial, and rural properties and submerged vehicles to total loss of farm crops, stock and produce”.

“As these storms continue to sweep through its important farmers and growers have access to good information around remains safe, and on lodging claims when the time is right. Some of that advice includes.

  • Be safe. When checking stock, driving, or assessing damage, please avoid flooded areas and don’t do anything that will put your safety at risk. Continue to follow the instructions of Civil Defence.
  • Avoid entering flood water, either on foot or in a vehicle. Flood water can contain sewage and contaminants, conduct electricity and mask hidden hazards.
  • If water has entered your property, do not turn on your electricity unless it’s been inspected by an electrician.
  • Do not drive vehicles that have suffered water damage.
  • Call us. Please lodge any claim as soon as you can on 0800 366 466.
  • FMG Connect. Alternatively, you can lodge your claim online through Connect here.
  • Photos. Take as many photos of damage as you can, and before you throw items out, as these will help support your claim. Mark and take photos of where flood water reached its highest within your property.
  • Essential repairs. You can carry these out. Please take photos beforehand.
  • Minor repairs. Again, please take photos of the damage before you carry these out.
  • The 'Lifestyle Block Emergency Handbook for Auckland' has information on what to do during and after flooding from page 51.
  • We've also put together some helpful information including emergency repairs, making claims and additional support if you need ithere.

“Everyone’s safety is our top priority as work through this and we urge everyone to use caution around floodwaters and unstable ground,” says Nicki Mackay.


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