Since 2005, FMG has offered two scholarships for individuals studying an agricultural related degree at Massey, Waikato, or Lincoln Universities. Students receive $5,000 towards their tuition fees for every academic year of their degree.

It’s one way we re-invest back into our communities and encourage our up-and coming agricultural leaders.

In a serendipitous coincidence, this year’s recipients, Kate Morton and Jessica Savage, discovered that they know each other from calf club days—uncovering a picture of themselves together and in front of an FMG sign no less.

Kate Morton

Kate grew up in Tauwhare, a small rural community on the outskirts of Hamilton. It was living on her Grandad’s 60-acre dairy grazing farm, or as Kate says ‘a glorified lifestyle block’, where she fell in love with animals and the rural way of life.

For as long as she can remember, she wanted to be a vet. However, mid-way through year 13 she wasn’t sure if university was for her. Following a gap year dairy farming in Central Otago, it helped re-ignite her passion for animals and she knew that farming was the career path that she wanted to go down.

“My ultimate future aspiration is to own a farm. I want to explore the possibilities of breeding for better genetics. I’d also like to try and help adjust my grandfather's farm in the hope that it could be more profitable for him and make the day-to-day running of the farm easier,” says Kate.

Kate has been accepted into a Bachelor of Agri Science at Massey University and is looking forward to learning more about the science involved in running a farm.

Jessica Savage

Born and bred in Cambridge on her family’s dairy goat farm, Jess' love for nurturing and caring for animals stemmed from a very young age. “One of my favourite jobs on the farm was taking care of sick animals. The only thing I was able to do was give animals energy supplements, but I loved that responsibility and the trust put in me to go off on my own and organise care for the animal.

This is what sparked my interest and admiration for animals and agriculture,” says Jess. Knowing she wanted to do something in agriculture but not entirely sure what, it wasn’t until a vet came to the family farm to check up on a few animals, where the stars aligned for Jess.

Fast forward to 2024, she’s studying a Bachelor of Veterinary Science at Massey University, with the intention of becoming a large animal vet. “New Zealand’s agricultural industry provides so many pathways for young people as it’s constantly evolving and developing new technologies and practices. I am excited to also be a part of it and be able to contribute in my own way. Embrace the potential, work hard and get stuck in!”

Congratulations to both Kate and Jess, we’re excited to follow your university journeys. If you want to learn more about FMG’s sponsorships and scholarship offerings, head to