FMG has paid out more than $260 million into impacted communities and closed more than 90% of the claims received in relation to Cyclone Gabrielle and the Auckland Anniversary Weekend floods.

This week marks a year since FMG’s first claim in response to damage from Cyclone Gabrielle. The first claim was from a client in Whangarei, with damage to their roof and water leaking into the house. This was followed swiftly by an influx of insurance claims and property damage from clients across the country, right through to Southland.

Of the almost 12,000 claims received across the two events, FMG’s recovery manager Jacqui McIntosh said there was the opportunity for everyone to learn more about their insurance policies and how to protect the things most important to them.

“You could say it’s been a year. A year to forget, a year to reflect and most certainly a year to learn from. This is especially important when it comes to ensuring your property is well insured and that you understand how that insurance will work when the very worst happens,” Jacqui reflected.

“This anniversary of Cyclone Gabrielle is a timely reminder to get your policy out and check what you have covered, that the sum insured reflects what it would cost to replace things in the current environment and that you understand how that insurance will work in your time of need.”

“As an insurer it is our purpose is to get people back on their feet when the worst things happen. If you have any questions about your policy or want to better understand your cover then log into FMG Connect via our website or give us a call.”

With just over 1,000 claims awaiting resolution, FMG said they would not be taking the pressure off securing positive outcomes for their clients.

“We still have a team working hard to find resolutions for our clients. For many, they have been there since day one as the claim arrived, at the other end of the phone, email or around the kitchen table. Liaising with assessors and builders or with EQC. I know they look forward to the opportunity to do right by our clients”.