Five generations of innovating, experimenting & cultivating some of the finest hops in the world.

That’s why the McGlashen family are at the heart of the hops growing community in the Tasman region. The Motueka orchard boasts 19 commercial hop varieties on over 100 hectares.

These days, Kim McGlashen has handed over the production reins to son Brent and brother-in-law Owen and their wives, Ria and Michelle.   However, Kim can still be found on-site during harvest time, hosting a steady stream of visitors – mainly brewers curious to see where the raw materials come from.

Brent says hops and everything about them just get into your blood. “It’s an addiction,” he laughs. “Even when I went traveling for a few years, I worked three harvests in America and came home to work our harvests, too.”

“Hops is quite an incredible plant. It grows from the ground up to five metres in the air in about six to eight weeks and every step along the way of that growth is important.”

Owen is ‘the machinery man,’ ensuring the equipment runs smoothly throughout the day and maintaining it late into the night. Brent credits Owen with ensuring everything runs to peak capacity.