FMG is Melanoma New Zealand’s rural partner, helping share life-saving advice to prevent avoidable deaths and suffering from melanoma. Earlier this year we kicked off the FMG Spot Check Roadie, visiting towns and events to help more rural people get spot checks.

The FMG Spot Check Roadie has visited Taranaki, Pukekohe and Hauraki, West Coast, and Canterbury and will continue in 2023 – keep an eye out for when the FMG Spot Check Roadie is coming to a town near you. In addition to the Roadie, we've also been attending other events around New Zealand.

And the results in total so far?

  • 113 SUSPICIOUS SPOTS identified and referred for follow-up

There are many families who are now getting the information and support they didn’t know they needed. A huge thank you to Melanoma New Zealand for all your hard work in supporting our clients, and the wider rural community.

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