Our top tip to keep you on track and avoid damage to your vehicles.

With contracting season in full swing and people working long hours, it's timely to highlight a frustrating and sometimes expensive issue around 'Diesel Exhaust Fluids'.

Diesel Exhaust Fluids or (DEFs) such as AdBlue and GoClear are used for lowering emissions from diesel fuels when put in the DEF tank.

DEFs are not fuel additives and if put in the diesel tank can cause serious damage to your vehicle. FMG’s commercial vehicle policies do not cover damage to fuel and engine systems caused by DEFs.

The nature of ag contracting is that there are a lot of jobs to do in a limited time.

The cost of putting a DEF in the diesel tank goes beyond damage to your vehicle, to the loss of time, energy and productivity, especially if it happens in the middle of the season.

Brian Lett of TransAg in Palmerston North is a long-term client of FMG and has seen this issue time and time again. His experience of working with people who have made this mistake has led him to create a very simple tip which anyone can adopt.

“DEFs are stored in a small tank and, just like diesel fuel, the driver must ensure it’s kept topped up. To try and avoid the issue we’ve been painting our tractor fuel caps bright yellow—the universally recognised colour for diesel—to trigger a reminder and try and eliminate any confusion,” says Brian.

“It's a simple yet effective action that TransAg have taken but we wanted to share it so others could benefit from adopting it and help prevent making this avoidable mistake,” says Rosie Blackwood, FMG's Commercial Segment Manager.

"As an advice-led insurer we have more information on our website on how you can reduce risk to your business, including around cyber security, hot works and wellbeing and safety," says Rosie.

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