With Moving Day and returning Queen’s Birthday traffic coinciding this long weekend, FMG encourages all drivers to take extra care.

Moving day is when those in the dairy industry who have taken a new job or purchased a new farm, pack up and move their belongings, equipment, and cows to their new farm for the first day of the new dairy season. This year it’s estimated around 5000 farmers will be on the move.

On the Friday before the Queen’s Birthday long weekend last year FMG received 50% more road vehicle crash claims than the daily average for 2019.

“This is why we’re urging extra caution this year as Moving Day, which in on Monday, June 1, coincides with the long weekend returning traffic. There will be a lot of traffic of our roads,” says Stephen Cantwell, FMG’s Manager Advice.

Whether you’re a farmer moving stock or a family heading away for a long weekend, Senior Sergeant Alasdair Macmillan from the NZ Police says the key thing to remember when you’re on the road is safety.

“We all need to look out for each other. Drivers need to look out for people crossing the roads and moving stock, as well as motorcyclists – who can be harder to see on the road.

“When you are driving or on your bike, you need to pay attention to that task and that task only. Stay focused and expect the unexpected, especially on our rural roads. Make sure you are wearing your seatbelt or helmet, never go above the posted speed limit, and drive to the conditions. If the road is wet, slow down. Make sure your phone is always away and out of reach, and never ever drive impaired. This includes fatigue as well as drugs or alcohol. Driving tired can be just as dangerous as driving drunk. If you are driving long distance, share the driving if you can and always remember to take breaks. Enjoy the journey through our beautiful countryside.”

Further information:

To help prepare for and plan your trip we also recommend visiting the NZ Transport Agency’s website

For those who are moving farms make sure you head to FMG’s Moving Day website