Inspiring holistic sustainability in New Zealand Agriculture is the focus of brand-new Podcast series being launched today by FMG and Maniototo farmer Becks Smith.Lindy Nelson, Kayne Briscoe and YOLO Farmer are just some of the iconic rural voices that will guest star in – The Whole Story.

Hosted by Becks Smith, in partnership with FMG, The Whole Story combines both inspirational and practical messages, to drive holistic sustainability across New Zealand agriculture.

What makes the podcast unique, is it shows how well New Zealand agriculture aligns with the internationally recognised, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

Like farming, the 17 goals are integrated—meaning they recognise that action in one area will affect outcomes in others, and that solutions must balance social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

Becks, who farms a 700ha Sheep, Beef and Deer property with husband Jason in Central Otago, is also a part-time vet, and mother of three young children.

In 2021 Becks founded The Whole Story, a B Corp certified, Ag business, working with farmers to assess their current farming systems and work towards sustainable goals.

While there’s a lot of information around sustainable farming, Becks saw the need for more advice around holistic sustainability.

“I was frustrated that sustainability and agriculture were becoming too synonymous with the environment and Climate Change. I wanted to take a couple of steps back, and look at it from a holistic view, including economics and communities, and how everything integrated together,” says Becks.

Partnering up was a no brainer for FMG. “Our clients and members are continuously interested in what other farmers and rural leaders are doing, and that goes beyond environmental sustainability,” says Emma Rowe, Sustainability Adviser for FMG.

“Becks is 100% authentic and genuine in her approach to supporting the industry she loves so deeply. She is the definition of rural spirit and has a real knack for bringing people together with the right skill sets and attitudes to achieve positive outcomes.”

FMG has a history of supporting clients and local rural communities and believes farmers and growers will get real benefit from following The Whole Story Podcast series.

FMG also views sustainability in its holistic sense. “We’ve long believed first and foremost, everything is about people. When you look after own health and foster relationships with the people around you, that strengthens your local community, which then inspires leadership, creativity, and ingenuity—and that’s when you develop solutions to complex challenges like Climate Change,” says Emma.

Podcasts are a growing industry in New Zealand and are becoming more popular among rural communities as a way to stay informed. Their simple format means entire series can be easily downloaded and played without the need for Wi-Fi or mobile data.

“We’re seeing more farmers opting for podcasts over music while driving the tractor, out on farm or exercising,” says Becks.

The Whole story is available on Spotify, Apple Store and IHeartRadio.

Available to listen now

Episode 1:  Bridget Williams – Bead & Proceed
Overview of UN SDG’s and holistic sustainability

Episode 2:  Prue Kane – WAI Wanaka
Creating jobs and economic support for people and communities across New Zealand

Episode 3:  Wayne Langford – Meat the Need -
Creating a supply chain to get NZ meat to Kiwi’s in need

Episode 4:  Kane Briscoe
On habits for good health and wellbeing

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