We appreciate things are tough at the moment. Many of our clients have benefited from changing the way they pay their insurance premiums. Small changes often make a big difference. Consider these tips when managing your insurance payments:

Lowest overall premium

We recommend the one-off annual premium as it always ensures the lowest overall premium as it removes administration costs – passing on these savings to you means you receive the lowest overall premium.

Paying via agency account

To receive one bill and defer payment to the 20th of the following month, Farmlands or Ruralco may be the option for you. You can select annual payments, or you can look at a quote for six monthly, quarterly or monthly options.

Paying by credit card

At FMG, we don’t charge credit card processing fees and you can earn bank loyalty programme rewards and take advantage of interest free payments by using your credit card.

Spread your insurance premiums across the year

We appreciate you may want to match your insurance payments to your cashflow. Ahead of your next renewal, you can see the cost of spreading the insurance payments across the year with either a one-off annual payment or look at the six monthly, quarterly, or monthly direct debit options in FMG Connect.

Register with FMG Connect

With FMG Connect you can: * view insurance statements online, * make a claim, * manage accounts and policies, * download insurance certificates, * pay full insurance online by credit card. For help, give us a call on 0800 366 466 or email contact@fmg.co.nz

FMG Connect

What’s new

You can now add comprehensive insurance cover for your ATV, UTV, tractor and motorbike on FMG Connect.

Via FMG Connect it’s now also easier to edit basic elements of an existing vehicle. Personal use or landlord’s household contents can also be insured online, including specifying any high value items.

What’s next? Editing parts of existing contents cover will be extended, as well as listing an interested party on a certificate of cover. Register HERE