Totally Vets’ vision of growing the health of animals began in 2006, with the merger of Manawatū and Awapuni Veterinary Services.

The merger combined the talent and expertise of these clinics to enhance their commitment to the care and performance of animals within the Manawatū.

Since then Totally Vets has continued to diversify and expand; their care and expertise is now in seven clinics across the lower North Island as well as in the Tararua Breeding Centre near Woodville.

As the veterinary world changes so Totally Vets has continued to innovate and improve.

This constant improvement is important as the agricultural sector evolves and as our pets and horses are increasingly valued as household members.

Totally Vets is responding to these sophisticated demands, with veterinarians, nurses, technicians, and support staff trained in providing services and products that animal owners need.

The Company’s size has allowed teams to work within their areas of special interest; they are technical leaders in their selected area of expertise.

Totally Vets proudly support the communities they work in with sponsorship of local schools, clubs, dairy industry awards and hosting regular farm training events.