Scott Kahle - Head of Alliances & Industry Partnerships says in rural, it's all about relationships.

FMG has been around for 117 years, and we appreciate that relationships and strong partnerships are an integral part of our success, both on-farm or across the wider sector.

That’s why our longstanding connections with Farmlands and Federated Farmers are so important. It makes sense for our mutual benefit and the benefit of our rural communities.

We’ve been working alongside Federated Farmers for well over 100 years and Farmlands for over 85 years.

Scott Kahle is Head of Alliances and Industry Partnerships at FMG and says the key to a successful on-going partnership is investing in people.

“There’s no doubt we achieve more working together than working alone and we share a common purpose of a better deal for rural New Zealand,” says Scott.

“But it’s also our aligned goals and values—we’re all New Zealand owned and operated businesses, owned by our farmers and growers.”

FMG supports Federated Farmers and the work they do advocating for our sector for the benefit of all farmers.

Being part of the country’s farming network means we have great awareness of what’s happening rurally and the issues, pressures and opportunities farmers face.

FMG is also closely aligned with Farmlands as both organisations were started by farmers for farmers.

Our partnership helps Farmlands support rural New Zealand and Farmlands shareholders pay their premiums via their Farmlands account and receive benefits for doing so.

“These partnerships make sense for many reasons—delivering both a commercial return and direct benefits to our rural communities,” says Scott.

As well as partnering with organisations such as Farmlands and Federated Farmers, FMG is also committed to giving back to the rural sector.

Keeping an eye on the future is important too and we’re proud to be able to offer agricultural scholarships and support organisations like NZ Young Farmers.

“By working together we’re stronger and add more value to the business of farming, by investing profits back into our communities,” says Scott.

Whether you or your family are involved with the local school, regional Young Farmer’s branch, sports club, dog trials, industry discussion group or neighbourhood network, these connections, friendships and support all drive achievement across the rural sector.

“In the same way that you look towards the community to support your farming business we too look to forge partnerships with other organisations that understand rural and get what you’re trying to achieve,” says Scott.

“We want to add value to our clients, stakeholders and members and help to create strong and prosperous rural communities”.

Although geographically spread, the rural community is still one of the most supportive, connected, loyal and unique networks in New Zealand.