At FMG, we work with industry bodies that can help our clients now and in the future. That’s why we’ve partnered with IrrigationNZ, and are supporting their annual conference and the Great Irrigation Challenge.

IrrigationNZ is New Zealand’s unified national industry body promoting excellence in irrigation. They provide the farming sector with information and tools to get the most value from irrigation systems, while mitigating the risks.

Irrigation advice and leadership

IrrigationNZ provides a range of services to the rural sector, including:

  • Leadership in the development and promotion of innovative and practical solutions for the industry.
  • Advice on managing risks facing irrigators and irrigation.
  • Developing New Zealand standards, codes of practice, and guidelines for all steps in an irrigator life cycle.
  • Advocacy for the industry at both local and central government level.
  • Partnering with providers for workshops and training opportunities.
  • Keeping members informed through a monthly newsletter and a quarterly magazine.

IrrigationNZ and FMG

At FMG we work with industry leaders to help clients manage their risks. On-farm irrigation involves serious investment, they’re high tech, expensive systems and it can take months to get them back up and running again if they’re damaged.

That’s why we’ve signed on as IrrigationNZ’s Preferred Risk Advice Partner on farm so we can help clients avoid irrigator damage and keep their businesses on track. Our support will help IrrigationNZ to grow and lead from the front, through quality information and on-farm advice to members and the wider irrigation industry.

Visit the IrrigationNZ website to learn more.

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