FMG proudly partner with Ruralco to bring you a better deal on your insurance.  

Ruralco is a farmer based discounted charge card established by one of New Zealand’s most trusted cooperatives - ATS (Ashburton Trading Society).

Designed to put more money back into your pocket, Ruralco cardholders receive discounts and rebates from over 500 rurally affiliated suppliers. This includes anything from farm machinery, fuel, irrigation and building supplies to supermarkets, restaurants, clothing, and electrical appliances.

Ruralco and FMG

FMG proudly partners with Ruralco so that you can pay your FMG insurance premiums through your Ruralco Card.

To pay via your Ruralco Card you simply need to:

  • Have an active Ruralco Card at the time your insurance renews.
  • Tell FMG you’d like to pay through your Ruralco Card.
  • Pay your FMG premiums from the statement you receive directly from ATS or Ruralco.

Find out more about becoming a Ruralco cardholder at .

If you’re already a Ruralco cardholder and would like to begin paying your premiums through them, please call us on 0800 366 466 or contact us and choose the accounts and payments option.