Top 3 Ag Contractors Liability Advice Tips

Agricultural Contractors

Underground Services

It is important that you and your staff are aware of the exact location of any underground and overhead services in the area being worked on as you may be held liable for damaging them. Before breaking ground (including fencing and ploughing), it is important you check with the relevant council or local authority to determine the exact location of any underground services. These underground services could include power cables, water pipes and other utilities.

Agricultural Contractors

Harvesting Risks

Harvester liability is an important issue for ag contractors harvesting crops. Common issues that may arise include where the harvesting vehicle hits a stone and starts a fire or damages another vehicle, hydraulic fluid or oil leaks onto and contaminates crops , the wrong crop is harvested, or damaging the client’s property during the harvesting process in some other way. Check with the client about any potential hazards before harvesting gets underway and take due care while harvesting to prevent damage.

Agricultural Contractors

Spraying Risks

Handing or spraying chemicals involves additional risk. Ensure precautions are taken to prevent spray drift before spraying and take extra care when spraying areas that border waterway, organic crops or other plantations. There are also specific legal requirements for the storage and use of chemicals that need to be complied with.

Ag Contractors Advice Guide

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