One in four equine claims made with FMG are for lameness and have cost almost $1.5 million over the last three years. Equine claims also tend to spike as events season picks up and as the months get warmer, with November being the highest equine claims month of the year.

lameness contributes to one in four equine claims

Watch out for sharp objects

To avoid your horses being cut on sharp objects, make sure the stable is safe and well cleaned. It should be free of holes in the flooring, wires, nails, broken fence panels, or any objects the horse might run into. By keeping your paddocks free from debris and avoiding wire fencing will minimise the risk of injuries as well as prevent the horses from getting out.

five per cent of claims involve horses being cut on sharp objects

Make regular appointments

Appointments with a farrier will ensure hooves are trimmed and balanced. A balanced foot will reduce strain on tendons and ligaments and prevent injury. Experts also recommend picking out your horses' hooves daily. NZ Farriers Association have a list of farriers in your area.

regular appointments with a farrier will ensure hooves are trimmed and balanced