Michael shares some winter growing tips so that you can create some of your own meals from scratch.

What to plant

At the cookery school, we are getting everything cleaned up, planting the garlic and potatoes just before the shortest day (as this helps to prevent Garlic rust). This is also a good time to be feeding your plants some good food.

It's the time of year to plant wonderful brassicas! We have some amazing broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, and cabbages getting harvested at my cookery school at the moment.

How to look after your plants

We use heaps of sheep pellets as the wet weather helps to break up the pellets and take them down to the roots.

What to look out for

Unfortunately, this is also the time the rats decide to come indoors as it gets cold outside. I can't stand them! So it's out with the rat bait stations with some fresh bait in them.

Cooking with seasonal produce - Cauliflower

I've included a couple of great recipes for you to try, one that uses cauliflower which is growing so well at the moment and is really affordable. As much as I love a good cauliflower cheese, there are so many more wonderful things you can do with it. I tend to always blanch my cauliflower.  It not only brings out the flavour, but it also allows you to drizzle a bit of oil over it before charing over an open flame or BBQ. It's really quite delicious and you can add the cauliflower to pretty much any dish!