While quad bikes and side-by-sides handle differently, we’ve found similarities in the risks posed by the person, vehicle, and the terrain.

The Person

While many factors of an accident are uncontrollable, the one thing you can control is what you do. Accidents can happen when the rider/driver is distracted, and as quad bikes and side-by-sides are often used to complete tasks like spraying and mustering, a small lapse in concentration can lead to a collision, or worse, a rollover.

Rollovers combined

The Vehicle

The versatile nature of utility vehicles means they are often pushed beyond their means. It’s important to understand the limitations or features of your quad bike or side-by-side.

Quad bikes Extra weight

The Terrain

Seasonal differences, weather, and stock movement will cause changes to your terrain.

Quad bikes Hilly terrain


While birds nesting is a common occurrence in tractors, the warm sheltered body of the quad bike or side-by-side is a common spot for starlings too. Birds’ nests, as well as wiring and engine issues are common causes of fires.

Bird nests infographic

Burglary and theft

Theft typically happens at night, with items being taken from inside, or near the house or farm building. Rural crime is a deliberate supply-chain process, with criminals on the lookout for easy items to resell.

Burglary and Theft infographic

Focus on the ground ahead

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