Top 3 Rural Theft Advice Tips

Rural Theft

Quad Bike Theft

In FMG’s experience lower value quad bikes are the most common stolen item on farm. Quad theft typically happens at night, with the quad being taken from inside or near to the house or a farm building. Thieves are not always opportunistic. Rural crime is a deliberate supply chain process, with criminals on the lookout for quads that they can easily resell. Install security lighting around your property as a deterrent to thieves. And whenever possible, try to park your quad bike inside a farm building.

Rural Theft

Farm Contents Theft

Higher value, easily re-sellable items are highly desirable to thieves. In FMG’s experience chainsaws, tools, fuel, and firearms are commonly stolen items. You can make valuable gear less attractive to theft by engraving it, or by installing fuel monitoring systems. Engraving gear also makes it easier for Police to identify the owner should it be recovered. It's also a good idea to record details and serial numbers of high value assets on SNAP, a free online asset register created by the NZ Police at

Rural Theft


A recent Federated Farmers survey showed that one in four farmers had stock stolen at least once in five years. The annual cost to the rural community of livestock theft has been estimated by Federated Farmers to be $120 million. Stock theft is not only a threat to the livelihood of your farming businesses but also jeopardises the wellbeing of farmers and their animals. The Crimes Amendment Act passed in March 2019 includes tougher penalties for livestock theft with a view to deter livestock rusting. If you see something say something. Report all suspected rustling and unregulated sale of meat to your local police station.

Rural Theft Guide

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