The New Zealand wine industry is a unique sector with specific features in respect of which specialist insurance expertise is required. Operations that appear, on the surface, to be the same, may have very different cover requirements.

The following guides outline some of the risks that those in the viticulture industry face, advice on what actions can be taken to reduce the risk of loss and which insurance products should be considered in conjunction with taking active risk mitigation steps.

Physical Risks

Key physical risks to your business operations include loss and damage by fire, theft, impact, accident and breakdown of your key assets including vehicles, buildings, contents and stock. For a comprehensive guide to Physical Risks please click here.   

Operational Risks

The second key area of risk to businesses is operational risks around regulatory compliance and liability exposures related to operating a business. 

For a comprehensive guide to Operational Risks please click here.

Key Person Risks

Given the challenging conditions farmers / growers work in, the risk of injury, disablement and death is very real.  Statistics from ACC and WorkSafe New Zealand can attest to this, as for five of the last seven years, agriculture has accounted for almost thirty per cent of all workplace fatalities.  

For a comprehensive guide to Key Person Risks please click here.

Insurance Risks Checklist

For the insurance risks checklist please click here.

Viticulture Checklist

For the viticulture checklist please click here.