Top 3 Viticulture Advice Tips



Your wine product, together with your buildings and plant, are critical to the financial success and sustainability of your business that could go up in flames. Many fires are caused by electrical or mechanical faults, that is they have been checked could have been avoided. It is also relatively common for buildings to be constructed of EPS which is significant cause of losses due to the highly flammable nature of the polystyrene core which makes it difficult to avoid total loss once fire takes hold. Having your buildings regularly thermal imaged and your EPS checked regularly could save you and your business from a substantial loss.



Spray Drift

If your property borders another with crops, plantations, waterways or is organic, extra care should be taken when you spray chemicals to avoid damage caused by spray drift. The legal and financial consequences may be significant if your spraying drifts and damages your neighbour’s property. As well as letting your neighbours know that chemicals being used before spraying, check with your regional council as some authorities have mandatory requirements for spraying.



Key Person

Given the challenging conditions many viticulturists work in, the risk of injury, disablement and death may be very real. You should have a risk management contingency plan that addresses situations where you or other key personnel are unable to work for a prolonged period of time due to a serious health event or injury. You and your employees are the most valuable asset you have on your vineyard.

Viticulture Guide

Check out our Viticulture advice guide for more advice on keeping you and your property safe.