Meet the lifestyle block and business owners living the dream

Many lifestyle block owners are also business owners, it’s an inspiring yet gruelling feat to accomplish. Michael Van de Elzen is also a lifestyle block and business owner, so we sent Michael and Montana (one of our lifestyle insurance specialists) along to Fiona and Peter's lifestyle block in Helensville to chat all things lifestyle and about their business Living Goodness.

So far, they’ve planted 14,000 native trees including Kawakawa, Tōtara, Flax, Kōwhai, Kahikatea, and Kauri. They have also built two dams and fuel their two highland cows (Donald Rump and Moo Biden) with the off cuts of sauerkraut and cabbage from their business. Their future dream is to add accommodation to the block allowing many others to experience the serenity of their location. At FMG we are proud to support those who are supporting the rural fabric of New Zealand, Fiona and Peter are doing just that.

Watch their story or keep scrolling to find out their tips for living on a lifestyle block and running a business.

Unfolding the dream

Living on a lifestyle block and running a business is a grind, but Fiona and Peter reassure you it's worth it. You’ll reap the rewards, learn new skills, and hear the birds come back, because when you care for the land it is priceless.

Goodness me, now that’s living

Fiona and Peter run the DELICIOUS fermented beetroot, kimchi, and sauerkraut brand Living Goodness.

If you’re thinking about adding a business to your lifestyle block watch the video about the hurdles Fiona and Peter overcame.

How to be fruitful

Talk about reaping the rewards of a lifestyle block! What’s better than eating a fresh piece of fruit that you’ve grown all by yourself?

Fiona and Peter have a diverse range of fruit trees that provide a rotational harvest from December to August.

Natives are the way to go

Fiona and Peter have planted 14,000 natives on their property and are already seeing and hearing more native birds on their land.

Native trees are so important because they store carbon from the atmosphere and help to reduce the effects of climate change. Native trees provide a crucial source of food and home for native birds, insects, and bees. Click here to find 20 reasons why they are important.

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